Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Update: I'm Tired

No lie.  Today about halfway during PT one of the instructors asked, as we cadets attempted to breathe and remain standing at the same time, "does anyone have any injuries?"

I seriously considered begging him to punch me in the throat so I could say yes and it would be over.  For once my brain overrode my mouth and I just said, "NO, SIR!" so the whole class wouldn't have to pay for my smart-ass-ness.

I have to admit, I had no idea how much education goes into a corrections job.  We study or attend interactive lectures every day for hours on every facet of the jail system, case law, the Constitution  It's quite fascinating, really, but I'm glad it's almost Friday because my head is so crammed full of new stuff that each new fact is having to work harder to squirm it's way into my brain.  

Every day they harp on honesty, integrity and professionalism and that makes me really proud to be hanging out with these people.

That's pretty much whole life right now consists of studying, doing insane exercises invented by brutal Soviet scientists during the Cold War, studying, shining my boots, and studying.  

And now I must sign off, because I kid you not, it's time to study.  And then I have to shine my freaking boots.  

6 more weeks.


  1. You missed a spot!

    :) Kidding!

    Hang in there, girly!

    Theresa Jester

  2. When things go south around here and I eat a mule kick, I think, at least he can't hit like Parker. Stay solid, you can handle anything they can throw at you.