Thursday, October 30, 2008

Level 1 tonight, taught by the Gorgeous Bastard, whooped me. I was lucky enough to pair with The Gentleman, because I hounded him into it,& Quiet R worked in with us to make it a threesome. I hope I'm not holding The Gentleman back, because he's much more advanced than me, but I selfishly seek him out anyway & do the best I can. Its true what they say about the importance of working with people better than you - your own skills improve much quicker that way. We did loads of fun stuff, as always with GB, the kind of fun stuff that makes you want to heave. Let's see, front kicks, palm heel strikes and drill drill drill drill.

Level 2/3, again with The Gentleman, taught by Relentless, whose new favorite warmup exercise is to have you lie on your back with your partner standing over you with his feet on either side of your head. You grab the back of his feet & with straight legs raise your feet to him. He shoves your feet down & quickly bends down to give you two quick punches in the gut. By the end of it I'm squealing like its the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody loves a good punch or kick to the gut as much as Relentless, so we gave & we got tonight. We also played Monkey in the Middle with chokes, kicks, hammerfists, & knees. I love that game! By the end of it my legs are rubbery & I'm disoriented & giving pathetic little heaving noises with each strike, and I can barely breathe. It makes me so happy. Then we did gun takeaways.

By the way, the new Crossfit space is a work of art - absolutely beautiful. Beautiful enough to inspire me to endure the fiery pit of Hell that is a Crossfit workout. And let's face it, I've noticed that Crossfit girls tend to have exceptionally nice rear ends. so there's that.

Looking forward to the new schedule & MMA classes with Mudslide and the Sultan of Sneak!

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