Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today I had a private lesson with GB (this is short for Gorgeous Bastard - I won't use real names here unless I have permission, and no, he's not really a bastard, but he is an outstanding teacher) and Miss C. We did groundwork, escaping from a headlock on the ground in various ways. I know in my brain that these techniques work, but my body isn't on board yet. Still a long way to go, but groundwork is so much fun that I still left class in a great mood.

Miss C did, too. Its great to have a partner who is such a good sport. She's been my regular training partner for a year & a half, but now we're mostly splitting up to work with guys to toughen up a bit more. So it was fun to be together on the mat!

F&F's new Crossfit space is coming along nicely, as well. It looks I'll be trying out some Crossfit classes to increase my strength & conditioning for krav, which frightens & disturbs me, as the last Crossfit workout I did made me hurt in ways that seemed straight out of a twisted sci fi novel. Yep, I'm in.

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