Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday morning

Relentless has been incredibly generous about giving me teaching time in his classroom. So today I taught straight punches to the focus mitts, which I prefer tremendously to striking a tombstone. We also worked advancing punches & low advancing punches, front kicks & choke from the front with a 2 handed pluck.

Let me give you a piece of advice. If you make Relentless mad & you think he's about to hit you, quickly run far away from him. Or fall down and play dead. Or pick up a brick and start bashing yourself in the head with it, because that will be less of a beat down than Relentless will give you. In my naivete I agreed to demonstrate an absorption drill with him striking me with the mitts until it was time for my straight punches. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. That boy beat me like maybe if he just hit me hard enough he was gonna cure cancer. Sometimes when people hit me hard I get the urge to hit them back. When Relentless hits me I get the urge to go tell my mom!


  1. Tell your Mom...maybe she will go kick his ass. Back when he was healthy, I used to pay him to beat me up every Saturday morning. Ask him next time you see him. I'm sure he will get a laugh out of the memory that are my permanent bruises!

  2. Its shocking, really. He's freaking fast, too, I think the only words I'll ever say to him from now on are, "Sir, yes, sir!!"