Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautfiul Tuesdays

Once again, my favorite day of the week works its magic.

First hour, teacher training with the Gorgeous Bastard. We worked overhand knife attack defenses, fairly complicated & wordy instruction. GB taught it to me, Spike, & the Gentleman, then each of us had to teach it. That private with GB really paid off, because I was only a little nervous, mostly just from trying something completely new - so hurray! Spike taught, too. He's not training to teach krav, but to learn leadership for his Marines officer training. He should be teaching with us, though, he'll be good at it and it will help him any time he has to speak in front of people & explain things to them. I don't know how well I really did, GB will often say you did well just to be encouraging & keep you working at it. I think I did fine for the exercise, but there's loads of room for improvement.

Next was level 3/4, again with GB, & we worked some of the same knife defenses we did in teacher training - one thing I like about training with him is that we go over certain points in how to teach, then he does the exact same thing in class, so I get to hear him do it for me in teacher training, I get to try it myself, then I get to see it put to work in a real class. Its good. We also sparred quite a bit. Legs only sparring is not fun for me. I'm built like a giraffe, so I look ridiculous doing it. I also notice I'm pulling my face back too much to avoid being punched. Miss C & I are going to work on that tomorrow in a private with GB.

Next was yoga, something about today's class made me so calm and almost sleepy after every pose.

And finally, MMA, yay! Pad work for the first half of class. First the Professor held the pads for me, then ATX came in I worked with him. He was throwing these hard round kicks to the pad & a little voice told me I should put my mouthpiece in, because his control of his left leg round kicks is not that great. So I did, I put it in, and the very next kick he missed the pads completely & his leg came over the pads and straight at my face!! But in this respect he showed amazing control - he pulled the kick before it actually made contact. I felt the wind it created brushing my face, but my face remained intact. He would have broken my nose, so thank God he caught it in time. Next we did groundwork, more "queso" katami and arm bars.
Awesome night, can't wait til tomorrow's lesson!

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