Sunday, March 15, 2009

Secret Elbows, Don't Look!

Saturday morning, assisting The Gentleman & The General in level 1. I taught palm heels & let the drill go on too long, so I decided to let the 2nd group on on too long too, just to be fair. I think I just escaped a lynching! Its time to start learning how to time class sections out properly, I've just always depended on the lead teacher to do that, but its time to learn it in my own. Then, when I taught elbow #1, The Gentleman told me to quickly demonstrate all 7 of them first, which I did. But somehow I ended up turned around & my arm was facing the mirror, which I didn't catch til I was about to finish. So, these are secret elbows, you can't see! You want these elbows, you pay extra! Unsure whether to backtrack or go on, I decided to go on, since we weren't really covering anything but #1 anyway, which is my favorite elbow. A week or so ago in groundfighting The Gentleman was switching position on me (literally 'on me') & barely hit me in the mouth with his elbow, but its such a sharp 'boink!' that I instinctively felt the tooth to make sure it wasn't loose. If a little baby tap like that hurts, I don't care to ever find out how the real thing feels!

2nd hour was The Gentleman's bag class, which is its own little preview of the torments of Hell. I love this class. Strangely, my muscles give out way before my lungs. I don't feel winded, but my quads and my shoulders feel like they're moving through wet concrete, they won't go. So, what's the answer? More bag classes, weightlifting, both? Something else? Hopefully the answer is more carbs. Yeah.......

Next class was MMA, we worked only on the ground, continuing to learn variations of what we've been working on the past few weeks. I learned to apply a triangle better than I ever have, that one's always confused me. Its an inescapable fact, choking people is fun!

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