Thursday, February 26, 2009

Achille's Heel

Well then, I'm in teacher training today, and its going really well. A few corrections, but mostly its, "My, my, Miss Parker, aren't you a clever girl?". And then the Gorgeous Bastard walks in and I turn into a babbling idiot. I think they wanted to take my temperature or call a priest to make sure I wasn't being possessed by the stupidest demon in Hell. And then the Gorgeous Bastard leaves, like a plague of locusts flying away, & I'm myself again.

I don't know what my freaking problem is, but its time I brought out the insecticide. Can't stand to have GB watch me teach, so I'm putting myself under his microscope - setting up a private lesson with him to do nothing but teach him for an hour. No fear is going to get the better of me.

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