Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boxing Day

Ooh, I finally sparred Miss M last night! I'm scared of her. Turned out she's an excellent sport & didn't try to disembowel me after all. We were both pretty defensive, I think we'll mix it up more next time. Also, I bopped her on her injured nose a couple of times on accident - I'm not experienced enough to strike precisely with those big boxer's gloves on, I just see an open face & punch it. So it looks like she's going to get a headgear with a mask on the front to protect her nose, which means I'm meat. My experience so far has been that once your sparring partner knows they can't take a hard one in the face they get veeery aggressive. We'll see if I live to tell the tale.

Afterward we both sparred with the Gentleman, and its like sparring a spring loaded rocket. He's everywhere. I was gassing out & sweating like a hog in the summer sunshine. He's a great teacher & I can't wait to do it again.

Turns out the Gorgeous Bastard is pretty smart. He said keep my chin tightly down, so if a punch to the face gets past my defenses it'll mostly just hit me on the forehead. Well, he was right! I got bopped a few times on the forehead & it didn't hurt so I picked up my face to say, "Hey, it works!" and POW took one right on the nose. Sweet.

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