Thursday, February 12, 2009


What I learned in krav today: If you smack a guy strongly enough in the balls, he'll stop choking you so hard. Hmmm....

So, I thought I had headlock from the side down. Wrong! Turns out my attackers in class have been taking it easy on me - now I know in with absolute certainty how important it is to go hard in class. I was delusional.

So today I spent a whole hour re-learning how to perform & teach headlock from the side. Daddy J is a very patient man. God bless The Gentleman & Spike for being such good sports & working with me. Especially Spike, I poked him right in the eye.

The most fun? Doing a different kind of defense in case I get taken to the ground - a real possibility if I'm surprised by a larger attacker. You roll out with the momentum & over again, ending in a modified side mount in a perfect position for strikes. I always thought BJJ was not going to be useful for me, that I just studied it for fun. Wrong again! Because of my BJJ training the technique worked like a dream, even though I was scared.

The other good thing was when Spike & The Gentleman, under strict orders from Daddy J, attacked me hard 10 times in a row in a continual stream of attacks, no pausing. Its scary, but exhilarating! And here's where the ball-bashing comes in. Poor Spike wasn't wearing a cup. The defense includes a groin strike. Because I am such an angel, I tried smacking his thigh to simulate the attack, but no go. He squeezed me like a fat grandmother at Christmas. So I nailed him right in his Christmas package. (Yeah, we know, Spike, its a gift ha ha.) Miraculously, his death grip on me loosened & I was able to complete the defense. The Gentleman was a tougher nut to crack. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I got a million of 'em. He was wearing protection, & is no gentleman on the mat, but I was finally able to pull it off, thanks to my 3 great coaches.

Still have so much work to do, but I'm having so much fun doing it.

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