Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mighty Fine

Tonight was my favorite kind of training night. Long, sweaty, breathless, challenging, & surrounded by my friends.

First hour the Gorgeous Bastard taught our teacher training session! He talked about running a classroom, the image you have to project, the way to treat people so that they are challenged but feel supported. Lucha Libre was there for the first time studying teaching Crossfit, & Spike & the Gentleman were there, as always. I suggested to Spike that he must be learning a lot about leadership that will serve him well when he goes to the Marines officer camp this summer - and he looked at me slyly & said, "Yeah, that's occurred to me, too." In fact, that's one of the things I'm appreciating so much about this training. I'm not just learning how to teach people to perform rote techniques, I'm learning how to lead.

2nd hour was level 3/4, again with GB - I watched him implementing some of the things he'd just taught us to do the hour before. Partnered with Mighty Mouse tonight, and really enjoyed it. A strange thing happened, though, and its happened before. We were doing a 3 person drill with Attila & I just totally blanked out. Its like aliens beamed out my brain for a few minutes & MM & Attila were looking at me like, "Girl, where are you?!" It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but I wish it would go away. Otherwise, I was on it & it was a great class.

3rd hour was yoga - I wonder if Dr. J would like us to shut up and quit making smart aleck remarks to each other? I hope not, because this is the funnest yoga class I've ever taken. We do challenging poses - which we are all getting better at - but we give each other endless shit the whole class. I notice everyone really tries hard to do a good job, though, so hopefully Dr. J sees that, too.

4th hour was MMA, with the Professor. Oh, I'm soooo happy! I actually tapped out a guy twice while we were rolling! Same move I used to make Spike tap last week though, they're going to be onto me soon. Actually, this kid already is. After the 2nd time I asked Leonidas to explain to him what he was doing wrong, then I never could pull it off again after that. Too bad, but there's no point in being an ass, he's there to learn just like I am. Another good thing was that the one time he made me tap it took him freaking forever, and he's an experienced wrestler, so that made me happy, too. He finally got me with a heel lock. I'm terrible at defending those, but I won't be for long. Also sparred a little standup with the Professor, he of the lightning hands. I'm a monkey on sedatives compared to him, but I'm learning.

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