Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well, I was warned. Once you start teaching, it gets harder to train, because the class you'd be training in, you're teaching. Time to start hitting the gym harder & doing conditioning work more faithfully on my own time. Can't be fat & gassing out in front of the class!

Level 1, assisted Relentless in a hyooooge class. Lots of new people right now. I was watching one student, Mr. E, who has come so far in the last few months. You watch someone make the same mistakes over & over for a long time, trying and failing to correct them, and then BOOM they've just got it. He's gone from working very defensively for so long, to being a little aggressive one man army. Its very gratifying, and helps my attitude toward my own weaknesses, that if I just keep plugging along the pieces will fall into place.

2nd hour I intended to train in the Gorgeous Bastard's level 2/3 class, but Relentless asked me to help out with the Intro class instead. Turned out he was busy, so I assisted the Gentleman the whole time, & taught several techniques as well. I think I'm coming along well in my teacher training, but its evident I still have a long way to go. The Gentleman has had his own class for a while, & knows which extra points to hit and when. After demonstrating & explaining a technique I start to flounder a bit, so that's the next area for me to focus on, while continuing to improve on everything else. I'm really glad I did this class, since its the longest I've been in front of a group, but now I'm itching badly for a workout.

Went out to lunch with Spike and the Gentleman afterward, yummy Mexican. The food, I mean, not just the company. I'm so proud of Spike! He's going to officer training for the Marines & I just know he's going to do so well. With men like Spike serving in the Corps, its got to be unstoppable. Its very exciting!

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