Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Worked combinations on the focus mitts with Big Daddy J, tweaking, tweaking. I've been in such a funk the last few weeks, not studying my teacher cards, not being able to form a thought, it felt good when we started teacher practice. Just to be back on a normal schedule participating in my normal life was a relief. But the teaching - I talk too much, that's what it comes down to. I need to use fewer words to get the idea across. So, again, rewriting the cards, redoing, tweaking, tweaking.

2nd hour, level 3/4 with Relentless. Bob & weave, slipping - slipping is fun, I like slipping. Need to work that into sparring, since panicking doesn't seem to be working out for me as a reliable strategy. I was actually able to work with Relentless for a few exercises, since I wouldn't put my battered shin through the torment of shin defenses, he worked absorbing roundhouse to the thigh with me instead, plus other stuff. His name should be Freaking Fast, because that's as true of him as his relentlessness. Also did back kicks & spinning back kicks, at which Donkey Boy excels. That child will be a force to be reckoned with some day, if we let him live that long. :)

3rd hour, yoga. I can do handstands now! Yay! Against the wall, but so what, I'm happy.

4th hour MMA with Mudslide. We worked side control again & my partner was once again Goldilocks. That girl is game! I'm glad she's here. I also got to roll with the Professor, one of my absolute favorite things to do - especially since Mudslide had us add strikes instead of just grappling. I'm soooo glad I started joining in this class instead of just standing around biting my lip about it. Don't be like me! If you're unsure of whether you belong in a place you're considering, jump in! Its the only way you've ever know.

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