Thursday, January 29, 2009

Started out on my own tonight, working round kicks on the bag. I was in a moody, nasty snit when I got there, but after about 15 kicks I was soooo happy. Just happy. Worked with Relentless for a little while on teaching defense against low punch. Next hour the Dragon was teaching level 1, with me helping & teaching defense against low punch. I did just okay on teaching, still going a little too long! D'oh, dammit! Mighty Mouse taped me teaching, but missed the demonstration & there was no sound, so I just watched my body language & it was good, but I counted the seconds & I talked for too long - 33 seconds. The demonstration was probably another 30 seconds for 2 live demos & 2 slow ones. The Dragon said it was good, but I know it can be better. I think I am more confident now for sure, but I didn't remind myself to be stern, so I may have been too friendly. I caught myself smiling a lot at people as I was walking around making corrections. Sigh. There is a middle ground between sweetie-pie and bitch, and I'm going to find it someday.

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