Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dangerous, demonic, daring, Doomsday Daniel tried to kill me with his warmup today. He's a cruel master! Loooved class, palm heels, hammerfists, headlock from the side. I love level 1 classes. They are big and they are fun and Daniel is juuuust a little bit scary, which makes it even better.

My sweet friend came to krav today to try out class (we partnered in Daniel's class, and her previous training has served her well) & I taught her stance & movement before class. Mami K was sitting on the other side of the room facing the wall. I didn't know if she was meditating or what, but I should have known she was up to something. What, was I born yesterday? Sheesh. I put my friend through her little lesson & at the end - without even looking at us even once - Mami K shouts across the room, "I'll bet if I walked over there right now I could push her over from the side because you didn't teach her a stable enough stance!" Or whatever the hell she said. So I thought, "No way!" & looked down at my friend's feet. Way!! She was right! Unstable stance. How does she do this mystical black belt Pai Mei stuff? It makes me want to try to trick her just to see if I can get away with it. This same urge earned me many beatings as a child, but some people never learn.

After level 1 I stood outside & talked to Doomsday Daniel for a while, as its been forever since I've had the chance to do so, & then went late into yoga. I considered skipping, but Dr. J is a good sport & I wanted in. We did a really cool move where you do a full backbend with your hands & face right up against the wall & then walk yourself upright by walking your hands up the wall. I didn't think I could do it, but Dr. J makes you believe you can do things that seem out of reach, and I did it!

Afterward, I stayed in the lobby & chatted for a long time & made an agreement that seals my doom. Miss M has been after me forever to spar, so I agreed that we would do so this Thursday. Hopefully I will be attacked by a hungry leopard before then, as I have more chance of surviving such an encounter as sparring with her. Goodbye, everyone!

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