Friday, January 16, 2009

Started out yesterday with a private with Big Daddy J & the Stronggirl. We took turns, I teach the Stronggirl some krav, she teaches me a lift - she's a Crossfit teacher - and the whole time the Gentleman was practicing his handstands over in the corner. Oooh, he's almost there!

Next, on to level 3/4 with Relentless. The rank test scheduled for tomorrow was cancelled because too many of us have let our lower level skills slide - I'm sure I'm one of them, I'm not practicing all my skills all the time. Right now I'm really focusing on levels 1 & 3. I don't know how long it will take until every technique is an automatic reaction, but I know I'm a long way from it. We ended the class with the lights out choking each other. I'm such a cheater. If I don't get attacked very soon after I close my eyes, I just can't take it! I have to peek.
Then my heart rate shoots up because I'm trying & failing to force myself to keep my eyes closed & I'm so jacked up by the time I finally do get attacked that I'm usually giggling uncontrollably like an like a 13 year old at a Jonas Brothers concert. The thing is, its getting worse instead of better! If I know I'm going to be grabbed by the throat & I have to close my eyes its like lightning is shooting all through my body, my breathing escalates, & I get a little panicky. I clearly need to be choked more often.

Last class was MMA, with the Professor. Drill drill drill, endless rounds. A lot of fun, actually, then sparring. You know, once I get going I do okay sparring with either gender, as long as they're around my size. (Relentless excepted. With him I'd be dead before I knew I'd been touched.) But once I get with the really large men, I'm toast. They get those big hairy arms right past my defenses like soup through a sieve. Most of the large guys will outright refuse to hit me, which is fine, but the fact that they're getting past me is sobering. If I ever get attacked I hope its by a little tiny masochistic guy on sedatives. Then I'm golden.

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