Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First hour today Miss C & I had a private with the Gorgeous Bastard, working on techniques for the test that I now suspect may not happen. We aren't covering the techniques for the test much in class & nobody's really talking about it, so I'm not sure what's going on. I know not everybody is paying to cover this stuff in private's. Anyway, I'm just going to hide and watch, so if we still have it on the 17th, I'll be as ready as I can be.

2nd hour was level 1 & the class was hyoooooooge! January resolutionists, I guess. Its pretty exciting to see so many new people at once, everyone giving it their all. I ended up helping out, though I don't know how helpful I was tonight in the end, I just got to a few of the sea of people, it seemed. The coolest thing was that Mighty Mouse ended the class with choke defenses in the parking garage instead of the studio! It definitely added a bit of a sinister flavor to the class & I'd love to do it more often. By the way, the first time I held the bag for Mighty Mouse I thought I was ready & braced for impact but she immediately knocked me off balance & back onto the mirrors with her palm heel strikes. She is SO strong! I don't think she has that much more muscle than me, but she can deliver! I want to be like that too!!
Then, later, I saw her at Central Market in the deli department, but she didn't see me, so I put my hands around her throat from behind, thinking, "you know, I don't have my mouthpiece in...". She plucked my hand off her throat with a textbook move & whipped around. "Parker! What the...!!!" I do know I should not have done that. I'm Satan's spawn, what can I tell you.

3rd hour was level 2/3 with GB, we worked outside & inside defenses. I got punched in the face by Miss C twice. Karmic pre-punishment for my grocery store crimes. Miss C did everything right - instead of relaxing & watching her body for movement, I anticipated what I thought she was going to throw, got jacked up & wiggled the wrong way, straight into her oncoming fist. Sigh. Also the General stopped by & tapped me on the shoulder & the moment I saw him I said, "D'oh! You're about to correct me, I'm doing something wrong." He denied it with the flimsiest of claims & proceeded to correct me on what I was doing wrong. The General's eye sees all.

When is the Gentleman coming home from New York? If I don't get punched at least once a week by him I just feel empty inside. Va aqui!

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