Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Night For Miss Parker

Yipee! I got to teach tonight! Choke from the front with a push, a technique I really like quite a bit. I score myself a B, talked too much at the end, but up then then I did fine. I was gassing out during class, didn't eat much or drink water much today, but in the end it was also nerves. I want MORE! Also, I didn't giggle or make jokes while I taught, so that's an improvement. Yay!

2nd hour I did bag class instead of my usual yoga class. I think I may switch off every other week. I love yoga - especially the way Dr. J teaches it - but I also need better conditioning. By the end of bag class my punches were slow and heavy, like in a dream when you're trying to fight but your limbs move in slooooow moooootion. So then I skipped MMA & just watched. As I've often done with the Gorgeous Bastard & Mudslide, I mostly studied the Professor's moves. Watching people who are very very good, as these 3 guys are, is very helpful, not so much for the techniques they use, but just the way they use their bodies in general, if that makes sense. Its the fluidity. What weakness in their opponents do they choose to exploit? Look how he's moving his head around so he doesn't get hit - I don't do that! So now I'm working on it. Watching someone on film is good, but live is better, especially when they're patient enough to endure your questions afterward.

One thing for sure, though: boys are stinky!! When class was over they opened the door to come out, but the smell came out first & Relentless said, "Wow! What's the defense for that?!" and started head feinting. The Gentleman bravely took a deep breath and said, "Ah, the smell of sweat and shame..."

On a different note, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine on the phone tonight who is very successful at her job, but she says she just keeps thinking, "I don't belong here" & its eating at her. Maybe that's why I'm so happy at Fit and Fearless, I walk in the door & feel that I belong here. Its good, its really good.

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