Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whoops, I messed up my little experiment. Last Saturday I woke up too late to have a big breakfast & bonked a bit by the end of class, so yesterday I woke up nice & early & made a big breakfast to last me through all 3 hours of work. Then I missed my first class. Doing a little project on the computer & once I'm on a project I usually won't stop. Ah, well, it gave me the chance to chat with Mami K & The Gorgeous Bastard for a while. And breakfast was delicious!

So my first class was my usual second class and the Gorgeous Bastard certainly earned his name and we're not talking about appearances here. 360's until the cows came home. OH! My arms are black and swollen. Okay, let's be frank, I had fun. A lot of fun. Working with Spike is always fun. And I learned something. GB says there's no secret to 360's, that they hurt a hell of a lot, and you just have to suck it up. In fact, that's what everyone says. But I gotta say, I decided to concentrate not on my defending arm, which was killing me & therefore making me hold back, but on my punching hand - my counterattack. Focusing on striking took my mind off the pain in my other arm without making the defense weaker, which allowed me to go in harder. So, I'll keep working on that & see how it goes.

Next hour was BJJ with the Professor. New ways to pass the guard. I worked with the Stronggirl & Big Boy Z. Such a difference! Working on the ground with someone your size is a completely different experience than working with a huge ball of muscle & bone like BBZ.
Maybe its just because I'm such a newb? The Professor seems to not have this problem. The Professor seems to have no problem with any person of any size at any time. BJJ is so confusing! Grr, I don't care, I'm just going to keep working & hope that one day it eventually all clicks. Even if it doesn't (& I kind of think it will), I'll still be having a great time. Seems like a good deal to me.

Oh, and I almost forgot: SPIKE RULES!!

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