Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back Again

Sorry I've been away! I was scolded last night for my lack up updates - the truth is I've been getting home later & later from krav because we stay in the lobby yapping forever after, there you go.

Now, yesterday's training was much fun. I got to assist Relentless & taught front kick to a vertical target, which was interesting because I had just finished a fatigue drill & could barely breathe or stand up when he said "come teach this". But it actually went well, so thanks to Relentless for making me do that. Actually, thanks to Relentless for something much more important - After class the other day, the first time I taught a technique in a long time, I was asking Relentless how I'd done & he said it was fine & pointed out that I hadn't giggled at all & that was good.

Then he said it: "You know, Parker, you could - and you will - have a rape victim in your class sometimes. This stuff is deadly serious to her, and if you're up there giggling during a technique, how is that going to make her feel?" I was horrified. I felt like I'd been slapped in the face - but not a mean slap. It was the kind of slap that wakes you up. I've been "working on" being more serious in front of the class and "trying to" do better, but that's over now. Now its just done. If some rape or assault victim is brave enough to facilitate her or his recovery by learning to meet that situation head on, I'm damn sure not going to be the one to make it harder for them. Its funny, I also feel calmer and more confident in front of the class now, too. Strange how just a few little words can make all the difference.

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