Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doing What You Love...

...makes the bad things go away. I arrived for my teacher lesson with Big Daddy J wound up tight. I knew I needed to punch someone or something, so I hit the bag while I waited for him. I'm working on speed - playing the shoulder touch game last night with some big boys reminded me why speed is of the essence when going against someone bigger & stronger.

After reciting my list of woes to BDJ we started to work on my form - no "teaching" him technique today, an act of mercy on his part. Just worked the basics, fine tuning fighting stance, punches, movement. Learned a lot about hooks in a very short time. Constantly fine tuning the principals on which everything else in the training is based. I am absolutely convinced that until the most basic movements are mastered to the nth degree, and can be applied with speed, power, & precision, and without thought, the techniques that follow cannot be mastered completely.

After he left I threw about 1,000 hooks to the bag to sink it in, & went home happy.

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