Thursday, December 11, 2008


After sitting all day in an investment seminar to learn to make my family's investments stop hemorrhaging I was about to explode. I almost knocked everyone else down getting out the door at the end muttering, "gottahitabag, gottahitabag". Turns out I'm not that good at sitting in a chair all day.

First I met the Library Lady and since Big Daddy J is away we took turns teaching each other techniques. We played pick-a-card-any-card from my stack of technique flash cards & let fate decide our...well, fate, I guess.

2nd hour! A level 1 class with The Gentleman, paired with The Goddess of War. She has come so far in the past year! From the very beginning she's had good aggression, but she's getting the technique to back it up. It felt so good after being cooped up all day to just unleash! Hammerfist! Elbows! Chokes! God, I feel so good now.

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