Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Friend

So, I get to my one-on-one session with Big Daddy J & there's a surprise: there's someone else studying to go to Phase (teacher training) & its someone I really like! Studying with a partner is fun, and the Library Lady is going to be great. Today we "taught" each other plus Big Daddy J & Spike, who is always helpful. He will let you punch him, which is a quality I always look for in a man.

Relentless taught level 3/4 tonight. Lots of combos on the focus mitts. We did this one drill I always enjoy: get into groups of 3, and Jewel is holding the mitts & calling out combo numbers for me to strike, while Mighty Mouse is standing behind Jewel & extending either her left or her right hand. So, I am responding correctly (ha!) by striking with the right combination on command, while watching Mighty Mouse & shouting out "left!" or "right!" based on which hand I see extended. Of course by the end of the exercise I'm shouting out "what?!" "Auuuugh!" and "french fry!" like I'm a tourette's victim. We also did the drill where you cover up, close your eyes & get the crap beaten out of you by your partner, who is using focus mitts to pound you with. When your partner claps the mitts together, you attack them with combo #4 & cover up again to take your punishment. These are two of my favorite drills & I'm not kidding. We ended the class with constant chokes from 2 attackers. I have a whole new respect for Mighty Mouse. She is tiny. She is sweet. She will hand you your ass on a platter.

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