Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Good Morning

Decided to try an new workout drink today, Surge Workout Fuel, & am loving it. Even after 3 hours of going hard I have energy. Its a relief, because I'm planning on drinking this stuff during my upcoming rank test. I knew a morning class with Relentless would be a good experiment - I am not a morning person, & his classes are hard! We did hammerfists & roundhouses, two favorites, & the General and Big Daddy J showed up & coached me & Miss C a little. Ended class by mounting our kick shields & just viciously pounding away at them. That always puts me in a good mood.

2nd hour was level 2/3 with the Gorgeous Bastard. Oh, we had so much fun today! Mouth of hand strike, ridge hand strike, & guillotine from the front. We had to scream at each other like maniacs both for the attack & the defense. Also, we attacked each other randomly, & each defender had his gym bag strapped to him to make it more difficult. On one pass, the Gentleman attacked me & as I was defending my foot went into one of the loops on a heavy bag laying on the ground, which took both me & the Gentleman to the ground. We were still fighting, screaming at each other & laughing, but my foot was stuck. Had it been a real attack it would not have been funny at all. You just never know what crazy thing you may have to deal with. Scary.

3rd hour was BJJ with the Professor. I partnered with Crazy L & we worked passing the guard, then passing the guard with submissions, then we rolled. I love the deep penetrating tiredness you feel after BJJ. If you ever are feeling cocky, I recommend you roll with the Professor. He'll school you and tool you and humble you like you need.

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