Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Night Sneak In

I usually don't train krav on Monday, but since Fit and Fearless will be closed most of the week, I snuck in. First hour was the General's level 1 class. He has been exceptionally helpful to me on teacher training & I watch him like a hawk every time I work with him. He let me hold the bag for his demonstrations & even though he was going at, what, 10-15% of his power he was still knocking me back consistently. That boy is scary strong. He also corrected me on my fighting stance - again. I get in low & strong most of the time, but still my old habits continue to haunt me in just about every area. Its a constant frustration for me, but I know of no other solution than to keep dogging along, working on it, so that's what I'm doing.

2nd hour was level 2/3 with Big Daddy J, we did a fun & unusual warmup, then worked slap kicks. FINALLY, something I don't feel like a total dork doing. That's cheating, of course, as I used to do them in karate. :) I don't care! Bwahahahaha!

Then spinning back kicks, so back to dorkdom, but not too bad. Mami K demonstrated them to a couple of us over on the side, and she can do it perfectly with a big ol' pregnant belly! She also told me I'm not getting my hips around enough, which is the reason I so often bounce off of people larger than me when I'm kicking them - especially on vertical front kicks. She was right, too - the second & drove my hips in the power came right with it. More to work on, but I feel like another piece of the puzzle fell into place. Of course, I KNOW in my brain that the hips always drive power, but when you're thinking of 80 things at once, sometimes the most basic principals get overlooked. That's why we have teachers, no? I'm in such a good mood after class! I'm already looking forward to tomorrow!

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