Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Timid Girl + GB on TV

Started out tonight in Relentless' class, level 3/4. Partnered with Miss C - I don't partner with her much anymore for level 1/2, but for 2/3/4 we do, as we'll be testing together next month. Began class with the Thai pads, working combinations, adding in 360 attacks & kicks from the bag holder. Next we worked a new (to me) bear hug from behind defense & sparred.

An issue I've experienced for some time & am really just now fully addressing is my timidity and clumsiness in the beginning of class. Even after our warmups, which are usually really challenging, I am uncoordinated & slow. Its only about halfway through my first class that everything starts to flow. I think its really important that I shorten this time period as much as I possibly can. Is it all just mental? I don't know. I'm thinking that warming up before class by hitting combinations on the heavy bag & practicing footwork might get my brain & body in sync. If anybody has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Next hour was Dr. J's yoga class. She is really a good teacher, I'm glad they've added this class. She's an adept practitioner, but her classes aren't cloaked in whispers and holiness. Just good strength, breathing, and flexibility work, a perfect counterpoint to beating each other up. Tonight we worked a lot of twisting poses & headstands. The Gentleman's first class! Yay!

Fit and Fearless is on TV! The Gorgeous Bastard is shown teaching an Austin police officer krav maga, as the police work to reduce deadly force encounters.
Check him out doing his thing at

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