Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Late Show

Oh, its very late. My husband is in bed asleep & I have to get up early in the morning, so I'll be brief. First hour of training was a private lesson with Miss C & the Gorgeous Bastard, who was looking particularly gorgeous today, and being more charming than bastardy. What a great hour! We did lots of footwork & looked like goobers doing it because we (I) have lead feet. Then we rolled around on the ground - forward rolls, backward rolls, running (trotting) into a roll, rolling forward & whirling around before you can stop & rolling backward & rolls that end in fall breaks. Fun!

2nd hour was level one with Mighty Mouse, who has mighty kicks. Miss C & I paired up again, first time in a long time for level one, and Crazy L worked in with us. Lots of strikes & 3 person drills. Crazy L hits the bag so hard that for a minute there I thought Miss C was going to hit her back. I held the bag for Mighty Mouse during demonstrations & have to ask myself, "how can someone so tiny deliver so much power?" Actually, I have to ask her, because I don't know. I'm "power" hungry though, so I really will ask.

3rd hour was level 2/3 with Relentless. I was getting pooped by this time, but rank test is coming up in January, so I may as well get used to fighting through it now. 360's & outside defenses, numbers 1-5. I don't know if there are any numbers past 5, but that's what we did. I like them, they feel natural and effective.

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